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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Latest update

Day 1

finally, something I can work towards and be proud of. Today I started my cycling ‘training’. It’s not like I’m going off to do the tour de France anytime soon (or in the distant future for that matter) but I do need to work at getting my level of fitness up and keeping it that way. I took a small level of interest in cyclic this year, mainly watching the tour de France and keeping up to date with regular happenings in the ‘cycling world’. My aim, my goal is to be able to push myself to my own limit. Whether that limit is 10 miles or 100 miles, I’ll be satisfied as long as I known I’ve tried my best.

Don’t worry I won’t be giving (or trying to give) an update every day with a cycling update everyday, I shall go back to my media posts (whenever I have the time that is) but as long as I can I shall try and blog short and sweet.

P.s I know it’s late but well done to Cavendish for he win!