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Monthly Archives: September 2011

When Nations Colide!

First off I would like to apologise to any readers of my blog. I realise I have been away for over a couple of weeks for both personal reasons and the fact that I have been waiting to get an iPod or phone to use the WordPress (in my case an iPod). This now means I shall now be able to blog whenever I like instead of being cramped up at he computer desk.

Now onto the blog! (I apologise for some of the life story introduction).

I’m not a big fan of sports, I bet on it every now and then but otherwise from that I don’t support a team or follow a sport. I will admit that I do love American sports (NFL, MLB, etc) as i find them a lot more excitable than British sports. Recently though I found myself becoming strangely patriotic when it comes to the sports of “rugby”. I used to play rugby when I was about 13/14 but then stopped. Due to me participating in rugby my dad started to take a massive interest in it and I never heard the end of it when my interest started to decline. I watched the 2003 world cup (when England won!) and he 2007 world cup (when England got slaughtered) but coming up to the 2011 world cup I really didn’t want to know. I watched the first match of England and just got completely hooked again. I find myself really backing England throughout their journey and believe that they can take home the trophy for the second time.

I know it’s cliche to say but rugby really is a good gentlemen’s sport that can bring fans together whatever the difference, whatever the nationality. It’s good to be able to back a team that can actually win but when they do lose he fans don’t kick off and attempt to torch down a stadium. It’s good to back a team with a good English manager who has experience on the pitch instead of a sagging faced Italian that blames his poor management on poor communication (and yes I know Capello played in the 70s/80s). The England rugby team don’t take the criticism of the football team but when they do they don’t talk into a bunch of whining Rooneys and blame the fans for their lack of performance, but admit their faults. I’m not trying to preach rugby as a sport to you don’t worry I’m just expressing my own personal opinion. I don’t even suggest you check out rugby unless you are a fan. Sport seems to be an easy and simple way for people to come together even if they has a strong hatred for each others way of life.

Sorry that this blog was more a personal post than my usual review and argument but it was just something that I wanted to kick back off with. Please do keep checking for updates and I’ll be back in my usual stride blogging about random nonsense involving some form of media.


I’ve been busy…

To anyone that does read my blog I apologise for the lack of content in the recent week and a half. I have been busy. I went on holiday for a weekend and then had to get ready for a gig mid week. I will continue rolling with posts in the next few days so please do check back soon.

If you haven’t already noticed the “Last Masquerade” page, please either check it out or click on this link (www.reverbnation.com/lastmasquerade).