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The Inbetweeners Movie

The Inbetweeners Movie is rude, crude and offensive….so everything you’d expect from it then.

The movie starts off with the famous foursome’s lives just after leaving sixth form, showing how they are getting on. Will is being his weirdly normal self. Jay is (again as per usual) performing in some form of self sexual act. Neil is working at a supermarket fish counter and Simon is with Carly. After a turn of unfortunate events (mainly for Simon) the group decide to go on holiday. The movie sees the “Pussay Patrol” (as they become known as) going to the location of Malia, Crete, one of the many party capitals of the world. As expected from the Inbetweeners, the comic situations involving the lads are many and just as hilarious as ever (just watch out for the dancing, it’s the greatest sketch ever!), and watching them worm their way out of these situations is just as funny.

Compared to the TV show, the actual gags involved (expect for the dancing!) are actually a slight disappoint as they aren’t as witty or, coming from Jay, as disgusting. This doesn’t make the film less enjoyable though as a gag a minute in a film lasting an hour and a half can get tedious. On the other hand the addition of a proper narrative running throughout is a real delight. The writers have perfectly captured the balance between different emotions perfectly. The vulnerability and depression of Simon one second, juxtaposed with a quick gag by Jay or Neil just shows how excellent the writers actually are and how well they understand a film compared to the TV series.

I give the film a 9/10

One Line Conclusion…the transition from the TV to the big screen has been worked perfectly and is an excellent send off for the series, it’s just a shame there won’t be anymore written.


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