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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Last Night I went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. For anybody who doesn’t already know, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a reboot of the series but with its own original plot loosely following the story of the 1960s films. Unlike the originals being set in the future, “Rise of” is set in the present day taking chunks from its predecessor (not the awful 2001 remake starring Mark Wahlberg) using several plots that ran throughout the original series and merging them into one.

For a summary of the plot (without revealing anything!), the story starts off with Dr. Will Rodman (played by James Franco) searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, as his dad (John Lithgow) is suffering with it. As apes are the closest animal to humans biologically, the test for this cure are done of them. After extensive research it is revealed that this cure not only restores brain cells to their original state but enhances intelligence. There is a problem at the lab and Will has to take home a baby ape (called Caesar, played by Andy Serkis) home helping him better his work with the cure. With some further development on the cure it is found that the latest cure develops the apes brain even more but causes harm to humans. The later virus gets out at a monkey sanctuary (thanks to Caesar and his clever ways) and the monkeys rebel against the humans.

Onto my opinion of the film.

I believe that the film has a higher artistic value than a productive value. The narrative isn’t anything spectacular. It rolls along at a steady pace (in some places a steady pace is too slow) and there isn’t nearly enough action in the film. The story unveils around the ape Caesar’s life. It is more about him and his decisions than it is anybody else. The story builds up and builds up in a fight on a huge bridge (not sure which one, not too good at geography) and into an anticlimactic ending, but leaving it open for a sequel. Caesar the monkey is what sells the film. Andy Serkis is a phenomenal actor, easily one of the best, and it shows in this film. His portrayal as Caesar is really believable (even the point when the ape is riding a horse!). The CGI for the film is also incredible. Everything looks superbly polished from the close-ups of the apes to the landscapes they are in.

I give the film a 7/10.

One line conclusion…All in all the movie is very good, but wait for the DVD release as there are better alternatives to spend your money on.


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